Hats Off in the Parade

I am part of the Calgary Round-Up Band. Last year, we were part of the Calgary Stampede Parade, and we all had the time of our lives. Even though the route is painfully long, we had a great time performing for the judges, and also the duke and duchess of Cambridge!!

 As we were turning a corner, the wind had picked up, so all of the band members hats went flying off of their heads. All of the instructors ran off to pick them all up... even the crowd was helping!! We all had a good laugh after that, and to this day, we still chuckle when we watch the video on youtube. After that moment, when the parade had ended, we all had a very good time drinking blue Gatorade, and when we got back on the buses, heading towards Currie Barracks, we had an even better time eating everything from cookies to chips to fruit to veggies. We even were fed pop! In Round-up, that's a first. Usually we get fed juice... and juice only. I have had many great moments performing at the Stampede, and hope to have just as good a time as I did last year, at the 100th year parade.

I have posted a picture of our band during the Stampede Parade for you to see.

Margot Penno