Growing up at Indian Village

Not everybody can say they grew up at the stampede. The first nation’s people from the Indian village have been there since 1912. I’ve been to every stampede all 10 days for the past 23 years.

I am so proud to be a “Village rat” lol. I got friends I’ve known since birth, everybody in the village is like family. I love dancing and sharing our culture with the world…. The best part is riding my horse down to Rope Square everyday. The people love to watch the dance and we are honored to share it. I have so many good stories to tell, some bad some good “hahah” But I will not get into that. I encourage all visitors to come down to the village. The people are nice and always happy to share the culture. I sure am going to miss the village. If you haven’t heard, we are moving camp. Now I’m sure the new village will be beautiful, but I had a lot of good memories in that lil village… a lot of snags to, jokes!.... but yeah, that’s my lil story here are some pics of my family ( The Lefthand family, tipi 28)

P.S The best part is having a TIPI pass.. Yeeaaaaaah! Free way into the grand stands chuckwagons and ALL. Too bad we can’t use it for the rides lol

Katie Lefthand