Grey Ghost

I was foaled on the Poynter Ranch at the north base of the Neutral Hills in East Central Alberta. As a colt I was named Grey Ghost, and was free to run with the herd in the prairie wool of the Neutrals. I was a beautiful blue-gray roan, but became snow white with age.

I showed my mottle early as a bucker, and at the Ranchman's Rodeo, Big Gap Stampede of 1919 I bucked off all comers. I traveled to many local Rodeos. Roy Poynter my owner would ride Blue Jack, and lead me, sometimes nearly one hundred miles. When we arrived at the rodeo both Blue Jack and I would buck. In the early days I would be snubbed to the saddle horns of two horses, and the rider would mount from the adjoining horse. I was gentle until I felt the touch of the spur, and then I became a groaning demon. These bone chilling groans thrilled riders and spectators alike. At home I was tame and could be ridden by the people I knew. I was the proud stallion of a band of 30 bucking mares.

Blue Sky another of my bucking mates and I appeared at the Calgary Stampede in the 1920s and 1930s. We were trailed to Moniter, where we were loaded into a boxcar, and shipped via steamer train to Calgary. I caused quite a stir, and became a legend as being unridable. The press told of my killer instincts. They called me an outlaw, and I was quite the media attraction.

Many famous bronc riders from Canada and the U.S. cinched up their Association Saddles on me. Very few were successful, and those that were,went to the pay window. Stampede records show that in 1924 Charles McDonald from Calgary attempted to ride me. In 1925 Breezy Cox, Frank Hodgkins, and Pete Knight took me on. In 1929 Harry Knight,and Dan Utley had their turn.

I was a dreaded bucker for many years and made my last appearance at the Calgary Stampede at the ripe old age of 29 years.

My spirit is still with the Calgary Stampede as I watch from the Big Horse Pasture in the Sky. From afar I thrill at all the great bronc performances.



Diane Maull
De Winton, Alta.