Full Circle

My Father was employed by the Canadian Pacific Railway.  We would come to Calgary on the passenger train.  This was a real treat for my sister and I. Our Mother would prepare a lunch for us and we would sit on the sidewalk as we watched the Parade going by. 

I came across a picture that was taken by a photographer in the Indian Village of my daughter and son.  I am not certain as to whom the person was or what tribe he belonged to.  This picture was taken in 1956.  My daughter would have been three years of age and my son would be two.  As time passed, I have taken my six children down to Kids Day at the Stampede.  We would enjoy the events and then they would go on the rides.

Left Picutre: I think that I can all myself a true Calgarian, born in the “Old General Hospital”.

Centre Picture: My daughter has sons of her own and they have enjoyed going to the Parade, whenever possible.  They lived overseas in Singapore. The year they moved back to Canada, her boys were featured in their western gear at the Calgary Stampede in an article about Alberta for Singapore Airlines magazine. The boys were four and two at the time.

Right Picture: Now my daughter is taking her granddaughter, three years of age, to the parade (a full circle for her).

Joyce Saunders