First Date Fireworks

Stampede 2011 was where I met my wonderful boyfriend for the first time. Those days I spent in Calgary were without a doubt more amazing than anything I have ever experienced.

From the Stampede Parade where we held hands as we watched Will and Kate ride by, to the park where we shared our first kiss, I can’t imagine a more romantic first date. We both managed to not be sick after we rode ride after ride at the Stampede, even after gorging ourselves on those delicious mini-donuts! The Grandstand Show was the perfect end to that day, and as the fireworks blossomed above the fiery stage, I knew that Stampede would always be a time of love and wonder for me.

Now, a year later, I’m already excited to return to Calgary for our first anniversary – July 8th - and soon afterwards to move down forever. I’ll never forget that it was Stampede that brought us both together.

Stephen Yuzyk
Edmonton, Alberta