Every Year we Get Our ‘Olden Time’ Photo Taken

Our introduction to the Stampede after moving to Calgary in 1977 was the Parade when Pierre Trudeau was the Parade Marshall. 

All those horses, the bands, everybody in western duds – amazing! We started going to the grounds after that and when kids arrived we took them too. Sure miss the old Clock Tower! When the kids were teenagers, they began to go with their friends, my husband gradually lost interest in going, but I kept on.  When my daughter was in her early 20s, she started coming with me.  So now we go every year together, get our ‘olden time’ picture taken, eat mini donuts and just soak in the atmosphere.  And over the years, we acquired the hat, the belt, the boots, and the western tops and, if it’s not too hot, wear it all to the grounds.  And every night for years, follow the chucks on TV. 

The Stampede has created wonderful memories and I really love the way Calgary gets right into it every year.  Let’s keep it up!

Val Muncs
Calgary, AB