Don’t Worry Mommy

Ever Since I was a little Girl we would Go to Sneak-A-Peek,  See a show, buy tickets at Safeway to enjoy the rides, then to the Parade and then to the Grounds.  We would go to the Rodeo on alternate years, go on the Sky ride and be at the fireworks on the Last night.  I make my way to Calgary every July to continue what my parents started.

A few years ago on the Sneak-A-Peek night my son and I enjoyed the Army tanks and trucks.  My 4 year old son told a young soldier that his Mommy must be so proud to have a soldier son; the man said his Mom wouldn’t talk to him because he joined the army.  My son gave him a hug, held his hand and said “once upon a time your mommy was so excited you were born, and then she was so excited you rode a bike, now she is scared because you can play with real guns.  Tell her you will try really hard not to get hurt.  If she is still mad at you I will share “my” Mommy.  She prays for you every day just like you are her own son anyways”.   It was so cute but so real!  The man hugged him back and asked him to be a soldier one day too, he then kissed my cheek and said thanks Mom!

Same night we went on the Bungee trampoline ride and my son jumped so high.  I was quite unnerved, must have looked a bit crazed, so he asked the operator to bring him down for a minute.  My son put both hands on my face, squeezed my cheeks together and said “don’t worry mommy if I go too high the Angels will catch me and bring me right back to you I promise”.  The Man holding the cords laughed and said “this child is filled with Faith, no need to worry mom I too trust the Angels to bring him home!” When he was done jumping 100 meters above my head the ride operator handed my son his ride money back and thanked him for keeping his promise! 

Clearly, I had no idea what a wise young man I was raising until that 2006 Calgary Stampede!

Thank you for the great memories!!!

Nichola Hamilton