Decorated Bicycles in the Parade

As there are two of us to this story, we call it "Our Stampede." We entered the Decorated Bicycle category in the Stampede Parade for three years in a row and won First Prize for all three years.

At the time, 1948, we were four and 11 years old. We are now seniors and still attend the Stampede four or five times every year. Since our Decorated Bicycle Days, we both participated in the parade for ten more years as majorettes with the Air Force Band, Beiseker Band, Bowness Band, Trochu Band, GWG Edmonton School Boys Band. MJ (Margaret-Jean) was a Stampede Queen contestant in 1957 and rode on a float with all the contestants of that year. We are looking forward to the Stampede's 100th Anniversary events in 2012...We're Greatest Together!

M.J. (MacDonald) Samuelson & Kathleen MacDonald