Coming Back for the 100th Celebration

My husband and I had such fabulous time we immediately said we’d be back for the 100th celebration. We stay with family in Calgary and we’re from London, Ontario.

My family in Calgary had never been to the Parade so I convinced them to come. What a blast it was, makes you proud to live in such a great place!

This year we’re also bringing four more people with us from Ontario - my son, my brother and some friends. We purchased our tickets last October and we’ve been counting down ever since. This will be the first time to Calgary for them and I know they’ll be blown away by it. They are so excited that my friend actually scheduled surgery around it! She wasn’t going to miss it for anything.

I have been bragging about the people of Calgary and how great the Grandstand Show, Rodeo and fireworks are and I know they won’t be disappointed!


Barb Field