ChuChu and Tuff

Best Buds - ChuChu and Tuff 
This story isn't really about a horse, but a miniature donkey and her pack of dogs. Chillula, better known as ChuChu, came to us when she was 5 months old after a girls-night out resulted in an agreement that getting a donkey would be a good idea. A night excursion to a donkey farm later and the next morning we had this cute little fluffball on our hands. She immediately made friends, but not with the horses or the pigs (whom she now rules over). Her first choice of friend was the huskyX named Tuff. The other dogs, Bronx and Yankee, generally leave her alone unless to give chase which ChuChu sometimes allows and sometimes doesn't. Her other best friend, asides from Tuff, is the big black Cane Corso named Karma.

ChuChu doesn't really make the best donkey in the world. In fact we're pretty convinced that she doesn't know she's a donkey, even though she has figured out how to knock buckets off hooks, drink from the stall waterers, and how to open and close a variety of doors. The first time she saw another of her kind she treated it with the same cautious disdain the horses had for her (including halting mid-bray to look confused as to why she sounded like it), and even now when the visiting donkey returns she tries to chase it off the property. But visiting dogs? They're just more friends to make.

- Jennifer Leslie