Bozzy, Harlie and Jared

One of my favorite stories of a survivor and his bestest buddies in the whole world. Jared my son who turned 30 in January is on Bozzy his  9 year old gelding and beside him his female Dog Harlie 9 Years old. They all have been un -separable since Jared was in a serious Motorcycle accident May 7th, 2005 on Mother’s Day. We had just given Jared (Harlie) for his birthday present January 13, 2005 not knowing that 3 ½ months later Jared and his brother would be in a serious motorcycle accident leaving Jared with a serious Brain Injury and the right side of his body with paralysis. Bozzy was born 20 days after Jared and Shane’s accident. The doctors were not sure if Jared would pull thru, and since Jared’s name in Hockey was Bozzy we called our new colt after Jared, wishing and praying that Jared would get to meet him someday. When Jared came home 5 months later, we had no idea of the bond that would follow. Bozzy would put his head in the middle of Jared’s back to force him to walk again. From 5 wheel chairs, to a walker, cane and to not using anything today to help him walk. Jared is walking on his own, and learning to keep his balance on Bozzy when he is riding him. Harlie never leaves their sides and loves to be around the both of them, it is truly a sight to see. Jared works  for the Calgary Flames/Calgary Stampede and is always talking about his bestest buddies in the whole world. I am so very proud of all three of them. I don’t know how we would have done it without Bozzy, he is a remarkable horse and Harlie a remarkable Yellow Lab/Basset Hound Cross. 

Maureen Baustad