Best Friends

If it wasn't for the 2011 Calgary Stampede I would never have met one of my best friends today. We had originally met online, and had chatted a little bit; and had made plans to meet up before but they didn't work out. Then the Stampede rolled around, and we both wanted to go on rides but had no one else to go with. We decided to meet up at the Park and go on rides. That was the first time we met each other in person.

We went on as many rides as we could, all the spinny ones and scary ones! We had just gotten off the Polar Express, and decided to go on a very innocent looking ride. We were wrong when we thought it was innocent. It looked like a kids ride, it had boats for seats, and all it did was spin around and move the boats up and down, nothing crazy right? Wrong. We got off that ride, and we both felt nauseous.

My new friend Jalisa walked out of the ride area, and went to the only thing she could find, a recycling bin, and puked in it! What a way to make an impression. Today, not even nine months later, we're the best of friends and don't know what we'd do without the other. That's a day neither of us or our families will forget!

Katie Wilkinson