Bensmiller Family Memories

Buddy went to the Calgary Stampede as an outrider when he was sixteen.  

Buddy and I arrived at the Stampede together with our 18 month old daughter for the first time to enter the Chuckwagon races as a driver in 1979.  We had a 12-foot tag-along house trailer that had a bed, closet, table, sink, stove, icebox and a closet, which is a long stretch from the house trailers we travel in now.  We parked all our campers down by the river and our horses were in the old barns. Every year there was always a challenge crossing the bridge with all the horses and wagons to get to the race track. Buddy’s birthday usually fell during the Calgary Stampede week and he had some of the most fantastic and memorable cakes brought back to the barn by friends and sponsors over the years. Note in 1979 Buddy’s sponsorship for the ten days was $1,000.

When I asked my now adult children for their favorite memories they said:  going to the exhibits, going for ice cream daily, watching the hot-air balloons, swimming in the river, going to the Rodeo and the Chuckwagon races, and going to the Calgary tower and coming back with a “lucky” horseshoe to put in the front of Buddy’s Chuckwagon.  Now, as our family has grown we find ourselves doing the same fun things all over again - but with our grandchildren.  Our best memories are of all the friends we have made at Calgary throughout the years. Calgary has given us some of our greatest moments and memories in Chuckwagon racing. 

Darlene Bensmiller (wife of Buddy Bensmiller)