Behind the Scenes of the Calgary Stampede

On August 3rd Fourteen years ago I arrived in Calgary from South Africa via London, England. I had just missed The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, and I knew nothing about it or the City of Calgary, other than what I had read up on the internet and watched re-runs on television. I liked Ice hockey and loved Country Music and could not get enough of it.

A few years later snow now becomes a pain, and winters are not so "wonderlandish" and I'm finding myself looking forward to the best week of summer when the Stampede arrives.  I am now thankful for what the City of Calgary and Canadians do and did for me wanting to say thanks but not knowing how I'm introduced to the DTA Mascots committee and the "behind the Scenes" of the Calgary Stampede. 

So after a long conversation that consisted of words like Heritage, Commitment, Volunteering, Honor, Courage, and making someone else's day I am invited for a tryout. 

Now 7 years on I am still on the committee still looking forward to the best week of summer every year and saying thank you to Calgarians for accepting me and making Calgary my home. Appreciating a better way of life, I now have kids of my own, and they too will learn about serving their city and community.  And the big words used to define who they are saying thank you the way I have and a second generation will volunteer at the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

Thank you for giving me the time and opportunity explaining why I do what I do Volunteering every year for the City of Calgary and the Calgary Stampede.

Congratulations on your 100th Year

Che du Toit