A Wagon of Memories

I have 56 years of fond memories but probably the best one is my Dad driving a covered wagon being pulled by four Scottish Highland Steers in the 1964 parade.

There was a postcard of them that showed my Mom and Dad sitting on the seat of the wagon. It was taken in front of the Palace Theater and the flags in the picture are the old Union Jack and the old Canadian flag. My Dad drove this covered wagon for Russ Greenwood of Sundre. Russ had buffalo and Scottish highland steers that he had in several Stampede parades and at several grandstand shows. My Dad drove both of the outfits for Russ and we used to spend our summers travelling around Alberta going to numerous parades and rodeos.

I still have the postcard and I cherish it. I was about 5 or 6 when he drove the wagon. We used to spend our mornings on 7th Ave downtown and the afternoons in front of the grandstand. I practically spent my youth growing up at the Stampede and it's in my blood to this day. My Dad is 87 and my Mom will be 82 in May. I'm so glad I have a record of some of these old memories

Marie Aitken