A summer I would never forget

When I was 14, I had my first summer job working for the Stampede. The job wasn’t very glamorous; I helped clean up the Grandstand after the evening show. I loved the job because it gave me free access to the park. I could go to work early and hang out with my friends and look around before my shift started and I also got to see the fireworks every night.

On the last night while I was pushing a broom from the top to the bottom of the rows, I found a wallet. The wallet had a ton of cash in it (almost $500 US), ID and the like. The ID was for a gentleman in Texas.

Being young and broke I thought to myself, this money could give me a summer of fun. So I put the wallet in my pocket of my hoodie and finished my shift. When my brother came to pick me up that night I told him about my find. He was older and became the voice of reason. His advice was, "what if it was your wallet?" So again being young, I left it on my dresser and totally forgot about it until my paycheck from the Stampede arrived, then I remembered the wallet.

I called the gentleman from the ID and asked if he had lost his wallet on his trip to Calgary. He said yes! I informed him that I had found it while cleaning up, and that everything was still inside, including his cash. There was a long pause then the man said, "WOW, I knew Canadians were nice and kind, but you, young man have shown me how honest they can be." I was happy to hear that.

He then shocked me by asking me to send his wallet back but to go ahead and keep the cash! I declined his offer. He then said, "Young man, I have money. I have many things but to know that my trip to Calgary was great and to find out that you were so honest and cared enough to call to try to return my wallet, it’s the least I can do." He really only wanted his kids pictures back and he was very insistent.

I gave some of the money to my brother and mother and did have a great summer after all. New bike, cool Nikes, some movies and hours at the pool and arcade.
Over 30 years later and it was a summer I will never forget. All thanks to working for the Stampede!

Submitted by Chris K