A Stampede Reunion

Two years ago I attended the Stampede for my first time. I was 18 years old and being from BC, I met friends in Calgary to attend the Stampede.

This experience was probably one of the most amazing in my life and definitely one that I will remember forever. We put our cowboy boots and hats on and took part in all of the festivities. We went on the Roadhouse Pub Crawl where we met tons of people and jammed out to country music!

The pancake breakfasts were another staple memory of the stampede. Seeing so many volunteers and organizers was heart warming. This showed me how hospitable Calgarians are! After a great breakfast, we attended many shows and concerts at the Stampede grounds where the fun just continued.

The Stampede is an event that I look forward to every year and is 10 days that I can just put my cowboy boots on, listen to country music and not have a care in the world! The Stampede is also what reunites me and my friends every summer where we are able to have even more fun every year.

Brock Hengel