A Part of Something Big

As a Rodeo announcer, the first time I stepped on the Calgary Stampede stage was amazing.  I was in this huge Grandstand, with 20,000 people, on this huge stage where the TransAlta Grandstand Show takes place, and I was all alone.  You’d have to have something wrong with you to be calm at a moment like that!

As I got more involved with the Stampede, I started to notice the little things like the way the production and the contestants are connected.  It’s the biggest rodeo production outside Las Vegas, and the Stampede still makes sure the competitors and their families get to experience the city.  They make us all feel part of something bigger.
Then there’s the Evening Show.  Between the chucks and the Grandstand Show, it’s a real spectacle.  Always worth seeing.

The highlight of every Stampede for me and my family, though, is taking the kids to the Midway, and then going for perogies in the Big Four.  In that order.

Yeah, I’m a fan of the Calgary Stampede.

Wayne Brooks - Rodeo Announcer