A Full Day of Stampeding

My husband Doug is a born and raised Calgarian, and both he and his grandmother have never missed a Stampede. Since moving to Calgary in the late 60s, I have never missed one either.

Our son, Scot, was born July 13th, a day after attending the Stampede for over 12 hours, and climbing Scotsman’s Hill to get back to our car.  (Is that how we named him?)  Our family tradition, when our children were young, was to go on Wednesday kid’s day, starting off with Buckshot’s Grandstand Breakfast Show, followed by taking in all the rides, watching the Super Dogs, visiting the displays and sometimes watching the rodeo. We would always watch the Chuckwagon races and some nights we’d watch these from Scotsman’s Hill and buy popcorn and peanuts from the boy scouts. We’d watch the hot air balloons being set up, and stay for the Grandstand show and fireworks….an over 13 hour day!

One time, I remember sitting around a campfire on the Park, and listening to some of the Sam Steele riders tell stories of an Indian chief, many years ago, standing on the hill overlooking what is now Calgary, saying he had a vision of ‘many, many, teepees and campfires’...

We also attend the many Stampede pancake breakfasts and BBQ’s around town and have some of our own with friends and family in our backyard.  My husband said Calgary has two seasons, Christmas and the Stampede!

We continued with our tradition with our grandkids, but are winding down to let them develop traditions of their own with their parents and are content to partake of all the festivities on our own. 

Looking forward to celebrating the Calgary Stampede 2012 100th anniversary!!!


Sharon Campbell