1993 Royalty Highlights

In 1993 our Stampede Trio (L-R: Laura, Erin, Paul & Melissa) had the opportunity to meet many people including the Calgary Stampede Talent Search Winner – Paul Brandt. It was great to meet him when his career was just starting out, as this year he will be featured as part of the nightly TransAlta Grandstand Show – Century

At the 1993 Alberta Derby at Stampede Park, the Calgary Herald photographer caught this moment as the 1993 Stampede Queen dipped the winning jockey Perry Winters.
A fond memory for most rodeo fans was when – on the final Sunday - rodeo announcer Bill Kehler would cheerfully announce “FIF-TY THOUS-AND DOL-LARS.” He is missed by many. Picture of the 1993 Trio and Bill Kehler.